My Thoughts Of The Day…Blah Blah Blah


Ok this is a random ass post but I had to post this because how funny, real & awkward this conversation was.

Ok so I’m on my way to work and hop on the train (because my whip is at the shop) so…I’m bumping my iPod touch 

and I see a familiar face and EX-GF of mines from like my freshman year and Boom! there it goes, she has a kid…WTF?

So I show love…blah blah blah and I ask “ow you got a little brother?” she looks at me like she doesn’t want to answer than hesistate and says “no guess again” *jaw drops* so we start talking and catching up on our fun days.

Than suddenly the convo’ from Music & Fashion the topic changes into something about DREAMS and she looks at me with sad eyes and says “f**k following dreams I don’t believe in them” and I hopped in my motivational speech mode and said “chillax homegirl you wilding, dreams are the main thing that should keep you moving” correct? as I continued “don’t you wish your son can get the world? and have anything he wants and be successful? isn’t that a dream?, weren’t your days of wanting to be a model was a dream? its about how much you push towards that dream, its all about self confidence, motivation and simply negative energy that you can turn into positive by following something you want and the closer you get don’t stop trying try harder” I ain’t gonna front I was feeling like M.L.K. after that speech lol main moral of this is to todays youth.

NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS AND KEEP DOING YOU AND ONLY YOU…I’m not saying everyone can be a success but if you have that drive trust me you will see it sooner than you expect, and I think I kicked the thought into her head because she said “your right thats why I liked you so much in High School” (as I smile) and as we all know it she contacted me the other days and says she’s going to actually pursue her dream and not let anything in her way stop her.

I love the positive energy so my main thing is as long as you stay original…you’ll find some imitators off your own originality.


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