This Is Why I Love The Bkc…They Be Stylin’ Like No Other


“Mr. Brooklyn himself. Big Al, Alito’s way or Al the Dancer who never has a problem taking fashion risks. As a professional dancer, promoter and former retailer,  Al has the Brooklyn style depth of Big Daddy Kane wrapped into Biggie, with a dash of Isaac Hayes and a touch of Jay at his best. Did we mention he may possibly be Brooklyn’s most recognized socialite, yep! The BKc Style & Character Challenge, is coming . . .”

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“Long time BKc supporter and friend Sean (left) and Dj Kohey displaying the versatility of the latest BKc Collection.”



Colin B. Thierens || Age: 22 || Occupation: BKc Sales Associate & Blog editor || Style name: Full range “rover”|| Favorite designers: D&G, Phillip Lim, APC || Nationality: Guyanese || Style Influence: my style is an absolute expression of ME. A visual manifestation of my personality, my experiences and my aspirations. It represents me completely, however eccentric, erotic or imperfect it may be


Marlon King || Age: 26 || Occupation: Engineer || Style Name: Classic Clean ||Favorite Designers: Yves St. Laurent, Ralph Lauren|| Nationality: Guyanese || Style Influence: Whatever I see that looks fly


Kohey Tsuruda || Age:29 || Occupation: BKc Retail sales & Japan Distribution|| Style name: American Hard work with a Brooklyn twist and a cup of miso soup|| Favorite designers: Ralph Lauren, Commes Des Garcon, Martin Margela, Guilded Age || Nationality: Japanese || Style Influence: Where Brooklyn and Japan meet


Bevin N. Elias || Age: 22 || Occupation: BKc Sales Manager & Visual Merchandiser|| Style name: Preppy!!!|| Favorite designers: Ralph Lauren, YSL, Pierre Cardin, The BKc || Nationality: Grenadian || Style Influence: 1950’s collegiate, Ouigi “The Bearded Man” Theodore


Calvin “Slim” Merritt || Age: 25 || Occupation: Con Edison || Style name: Urban Chic || Favorite designers: Ralph Lauren, BKc, Nationality: Bajan/Barbados || Style Influence: Urban culture, Kanye West, Will Smith, Pharrell Williams


Eiji Hasegawa || Age: 25 || Occupation: BKc sales associates, buyer for DNA103 || Style name: Simple and classic || Favorite designers: BKc, Ralph Lauren, Daiki Suzuki (Engineered Garments, Woolrich Woolen Mills) || Nationality: Japanese || Style Influence: Inspired by people I’ve met over the years


Rinaldy Alvarez || Age: 21 || Occupation: Missbehave Mag Style Intern || Style Name: RINcyclopedia Britannica de la mode || Favorite Designers: BKC, Tom Ford, Burberry Porsum, Marc by Marc Jacobs || Nationality: Haitian and Cuban || Style influence: 1 part London Punk rock brashness, 2 parts Parisian old world sensibility, 1 part Italian flair and 2 cubes of classic Americana with muddled touch of Brooklyn streets. Served in an “I can do anything” mindset Highball glass, shaken not stirred. I like to maintain a worn but clean look.


Takeshi Suzuki || Age: 25 || Occupation: Film Student || Style Name: MYSELF || Favorite Designers: Ralph Lauren, The Brooklyn Circus, Benjamin Bixby || Nationality: Japanese || Style Influence: Characters in old movies, especially 60’s & 70’s…I guess. And fashionable people all over the world!!!



“As we prepare for the challenge of the year, please take the time to meet the contestants and place your bids. In the weeks to come you will learn more about them and have the opportunity to take sides and decide who will take the pot, which will be valued at close to 5 thousand dollars if the universe aligns properly (don’t quote us yet), the ink has to dry on these contracts. We are in the process of closing deals with our respective sponsors to bring you a challenge like no other in the BKc blog sphere. For the record we are also accepting donations towards the prize bag to make this a challenge worth tuning into. Please stay tuned for more information. Yep! The BKc Style & Character Challenge 09 . . .”




Nominees: (Top left) Makail, Calvin Slim, Colin Thierens, Bevin Elias, Marlon King, Kohey Tsuruda, Frank Espinal, Dante Smith, Eiji Hasegawa, Elias, Takashi, Kareem Burke, Shawn Norville, Kenny M, Ray Holiday (Bottom right)


“Part of the 2008 Bkc Year in Review Awards . . .

What sense would it make if we did not pin some of our best dressed players up against each other, a “Challenge” created by the people and voted on by the people. We are proud to present the “2008 Bkc Year in Review Awards” for “Style & Character”. Yep! the “BKc Style + Character Challenge”.  Look at it like style wars with more depth, more participants, several rounds, finalist(s) and a judging panel. Got it? Now that we have that out the way, it’s your turn to work. Email us at stylebrooklyn@thebkcircus.com (subject: Awards) to nominate someone for the last three slots available for us to start the “BKc Style + Character Challenge”. We do also need nomination acceptance from everyone above who’s been nominated by a secret ballot, we did not want to ruin the surprise. If you are among the first 15 and would like to accept the nomination to be a part of the “BKc Style + Character Challenge”. Email stylebrooklyn@thebkcircus.com (subject: Awards nomination/I accept). You can also publicly accept the nomination or nominate someone new in our comment section.

Once all individuals have accepted their nomination we will start the “Challenge” and spell out the details and guidelines. Participants will be expected to participate in a series of style wars and judged on style range, individuality, risk factor, creativity and of course character. Did we mention that there is a grand prize and a consolation prize for all participants? Yep! The BKc Style + Character Challenge, experience is everything . . .”


All quote are words posted by TheBKC so you check them out there are so dope & stylish.

  Check Em Out TheBKC


1 Response to “This Is Why I Love The Bkc…They Be Stylin’ Like No Other”

  1. 1 gunner6ixx
    January 12, 2009 at 5:04 PM

    this might be my favorite post i’ve ever read. no joke. i respect the bkc so much. they inspire my team, and we watch them closely — they set an excellent example as young style-oriented entrepreneurs.

    -gunner of urbantakeout

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